Events and Program

Sunday, January 31, 12 - 1 pm - "The Star of Grace" - The Epiphany talk by Rev. Nora Minassian that was originally scheduled for January 24 will be held this coming Sunday after the service and potluck lunch.

Thursday, February 11, 9 am - Celebrating The Act of Consecration of Man with a Homily - The service will take place at Rose Hall in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, 1601 Pughtown Rd., Phoenixville, PA 19460.

Sunday, February 21, 12 - 1 pm - "We Shall All Be Changed" - after the service and potluck lunch, Rev. Bastiaan Baan will give a talk on transformation and transubstantiation at the altar and in human life. 

Sunday, February 28  - There will be no services on this Sunday - Due to priest traveling for the Ordinations and for English Speaking Synod, the Children's Program, Sunday Service for Children and the Communion Service are canceled on this Sunday.  There will be a lay gathering from 10:30-11:30 am in our community room in Devon. You may contact Jodi Dill at 484-955-3730 if you have any questions regarding the lay gathering. 

Looking Ahead - Save the Dates!

Thursday, March 10, 9 am - Celebrating The Act of Consecration of Man with a Homily - The service will take place at Rose Hall in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, 1601 Pughtown Rd., Phoenixville, PA 19460.

Friday March 11 -Sunday, March 13 -The Christian Community Regional Board will be meeting in Devon.  We are very happy to welcome them. On Sunday, March 13, we will have a chance to meet the board and have lunch with them.  You are welcome to bring a special dish on this Sunday to make our potluck lunch extra-special as we share a meal with the Regional Board members. 

Sunday, March 13 - Daylight Savings Time begins - remember to turn your clocks forward one hour.

Palm Sunday, March 20, 12-1 pm - "Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me" - An introductory talk by Rev. Nora Minassian in preparation for the Holy Week after the service and potluck lunch.

Monday, March 21-Saturday, March 26 - Holy Week celebrations and contemplations - The Act of Consecration of Man will be celebrated every day at 9 am throughout the Holy Week followed by Holy Week contemplation from 10-11 am on how to take up our cross and follow Him. 

Sunday, March 27 - Easter Festival and celebrations.

Monday, March 28 - Easter Monday - The Act of Consecration of Man will be celebrated on Easter Monday.  Please check the time and the location in our next month's program.  Save the date! 

Tuesday, March 29 - Friday April 1 - Confirmation Retreat will take place in Washington DC.

Saturday, April 16 - at 7:30-8:30 pm, A talk by Rev. Oliver Steinrueck in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Sunday, April 17, 10 am - The Sacrament of Confirmation.

Sunday, May 8, 12 - 1 pm - "Striving Heavenward" - An Ascension talk by Rev. Nora Minassian after the service and potluck lunch.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday May 15-17 - Pentecost Celebrations - The Act of Consecration of Man will be celebrated in Devon.

Sunday, May 29, 12 - 1 pm - "Seeing Humanity through the Eyes of God -- Is this possible?" - A talk by Rev. Richard Dancey after the service and light potluck.

Regional News

Our latest North American Newsletter - Click Here to read our latest North American Newsletter.

Regional updates on Facebook - Click here for The Christian Community of North America on Facebook.

Sermons when you need them - Read Rev. Cindy Hindes's past homilies at her blog.

International News and Events

Latest International News from the Regions - Click here to read the latest international reports from the regions. 

February 19-21, 2016 - Sacrament of Ordination will be celebrated in Stuttgart, Germany.

July 22 to July 31, 2016 - International North/South Conference: "Take Heart!" - In Argentina.  Make early summer plans for 2016.  For more info, please click here. Save the date!

Pentecost 2017 - World Pentecost Conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  This is one of the rare opportunities to experience The Christian Community as a world wide movement.  Save the date!

Priest Away

Rev. Nora Minassian will be away from February 18-March 5 to attend the International Ordinations in Germany and the English Speaking Synod in EnglandThere will be no service on Wednesdays February 24, March 3 and on Sunday, February 28.  In case of emergency, please call her at 240-381-8557, or email her or call Rev. Bastiaan Baan at 845-356-0972.  


Sunday Services

Devon Chapel 
212 Old Lancaster Rd. Devon, PA 19333

9:15 am - Children's Program 
10:00 am - Children's Service 

10:30 am -The Act of Consecration of Man 

Please note: There will be no services on Feb. 28.

Wednesday Services
Devon Chapel, 212 Old Lancaster Rd., Devon, PA
9:00 am -The Act of Consecration of Man, followed by contemplation. There will be no  services on Feb. 24 and March 2.

Saturday Service
One Saturday per month at 9:00am. Next service: Jan. 2.

Kimberton Village Camphill Services
Celebrating The Act of Consecration of Man on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Rose Hall at 9:00 am.  

Beaver Farm Services
Services at Beaver Farm are on hold until further notice.

Community Events & Study Groups    
Rev. Nora Minassian's Office Hours at CVKH 
3-5 pm on Monday's at Caspar Hauser Ctr., 125 Camphill Drive, next to Serena House, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills. Please call to let her know you are coming.

Confirmation Classes for 7th and 8th graders
Meets every other Monday at 6 pm at CVKH Old Cafe. Please contact Rev. Minassian for the 2015-2016 confirmation class schedule. Meets next: Feb.8.

Youth Group
One Monday a month from 7:30-9 pm at Serena Social Room. Meets next Feb. 8. 
Contact Rev. Nora Minassian

Young Adults Group
Meets once a month on Sundays
12:30-2 pm in Devon. Contact Rev. Minassian for the next meeting date.

Staying Connected
Meeting at the Blue Room in Rose Hall on the last Saturday of the Month, 7-7:45 am. Next service: Jan. 30.

Gospel Study Group

Next meeting: Nov. 4. Meeting Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm at Erika Asten's home, 130 Camphill Drive, at CVKH. Meets next: Feb. 3.

Study Group:
Man as Symphony of the Creative Word
A group is studying Rudolf
Steiner's book, "Man as Symphony of the Creative Word" meeting Sundays at 7:30 pm at Caspar Hauser Ctr. at CVKH. Contact Karen Arthur for details.

Study Group on The Philosophy of Freedom

A group is studying the book "Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner, meeting every Saturday at 4:00pm, at Caspar Hauser Center at CVKH.

Threshold Group 
Second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. Contact Kerry Lee

Marionette Group 
Next meeting: Jan. 14, 7 pm in Devon Community Room.

Contact the Priest