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For children baptized in The Christian Community, and for those whose parents choose it, the Sunday Service for Children and religious instruction keep alive and renew children’s awareness of their origin in the spirit, their heavenly home. Attendance begins around age seven, leading to Confirmation at age fourteen. 

Read more about the Sunday Service for Children: http://www.thechristiancommunity.org/children-youth/ 
There are scheduling changes due to COVID-19. Check your email or see the Events and Program page for updates.  

All local activities for children are on hold for now. 

Children's Program at 9:15 am 
Beginning at 9:15 am, children and parents are warmly welcome to gather in the community room of the church in Devon, to pray and sing together and hear a story followed by Sunday Service for Children at 10:00 am.  

Service for Children at 10:00 am 
The Service for Children takes place on most Sundays at 10:00 am. During festival times, a story hour may also be offered. Childcare is usually available so that parents can attend the service for adults at 10:30 am. Please check the Events and Program page for information on specific times and locations for special activities for children. 

Summer Camp in Maine is On!
August 6-22, 2020

Two and a half fun-filled weeks for children on the shores of the beautiful Great Pond Lake at Camp Bomazeen in Belgrade, Maine. The children will enjoy over 200 acres of woods, fields and a sandy beach with a nearby blueberry bog, exquisite sunsets and the call of the loon at night.

We can only imagine how great it will be to be ‘free again!’ Our children will be happier than

ever to get to camp, and our parents will be glad to have a little peace and quiet too.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to live in community, to sing together, to make

new friends while keeping the old, to share so many wonderful activities, meals, artistic work,

nature and hilarity with a loving group of people of all ages. What a gift! It is time to give our

children something to look forward to.

An Invitation to Help:

There will be some of us who receive

the ‘stimulus’ check of $1,200 who will not necessarily need

it. If you are one of those individuals, would you consider

donating it to camp so that a child in need could attend? This

would be a great gift and a way to turn this sad occurrence

into something positive.

Please send all inquiries to