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For children baptized in The Christian Community, and for those whose parents choose it, the Sunday Service for Children and religious instruction keep alive and renew children’s awareness of their origin in the spirit, their heavenly home. Attendance begins around age seven, leading to Confirmation at age fourteen. 

Read more about the Sunday Service for Children: http://www.thechristiancommunity.org/children-youth/ 

Children's Program at 9:15 am (resuming Sept. 22, 2019)
Beginning at 9:15 am, children and parents are warmly welcome to gather in the community room of the church in Devon, to pray and sing together and hear a story followed by Sunday Service for Children. 

- Service for Children at 10:00am
The Service for Children takes place on most Sundays. During festival times, a story hour may also be offered. Childcare is usually available so that parents can attend the service for adults at 10:30am. Please check the Events and Program page for information on specific times and locations for special activities for children. 

Save the Date
Sunday, September 29, Michaelmas Day – Michaelmas Story and Festival 9:15 a.m. All children are welcome to bring a flower. 1st graders to stand at the altar for the 1st time. Baptism Sacrament for Raphael Monteleone after the services followed by festive potluck and Games of Courage, Balance and Aim!

East Coast Christian Community 
Lake Harmony Summer Camp 
An Annual Camp For Boys & Girls Age 8-13
AUGUST 1st - 17th, 2019

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Lakeside fun in Belgrade, Maine!

Our new camp site has over 200 acres and is located on the shores of Great Pond. There are woods, fields and a sandy beach with beautiful sunsets. New Location

Camp Bomazeen, 656 Horse Point Rd, Belgrade, ME, 04917.

FEE: $1,150.

$50 discount if paying full amount by April 1st!

Non-refundable deposit of $200 due May 1st.

Balance due with all forms June 1st.

In the quiet of the early morning…

the counselors and staff silently gather around the tents and cabins of the sleeping children and sing a song to the morning, to the awakening day, rousing them from their slumber. The stillness is broken and a new day of summer camp has begun!


After a wholesome breakfast, the children are provided an abundance of creative activity. Each counselor builds a daily rhythm which best serves the needs of each group of children. Sports, hiking, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming are balanced with such artistic activities as skits, painting, handcrafts, singing and storytelling. A quiet time after lunch allows for reading or resting, a necessary breather in the pattern of the day.

Sundays are a special day beginning with a short religious service which all attend. In the afternoon campers and staff join together for a community festival such as Fair Day or the presentation of prepared plays or skits. With the Adventure Course and an evening bonfire, camp draws to a close.


The joy and laughter, the challenge of learning and sharing together creates a community experience that is special and unique and which lives on throughout the year in each child.

Camp Hike