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The Act of Consecration of Man

The Act of Consecration of Man continues the Deed of Resurrection. The future of the earth, and thereby our own future, depends on the possibility that the earth can be spiritualised. In His deed of overcoming death, Christ united Himself with the life of the earth; 'Lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world.'

The sun brings about great transformation in nature during the course of a year; it gives light, warmth and life. Likewise Christ, the Spirit Sun, transforms us through His power which we receive in the consecrated bread and wine. Then, through us, He can transform the earth as we learn to live and work from the power of Christ in us.

The Act of Consecration of Man has four main parts:

  • In the Gospel Reading the WORD is laid like a seed into our hearts.
  • In the Offering we carry our thoughts and feelings, our innermost being towards Christ. It is the same gesture as in the plants when they open up their flowers in the sunlight.
  • In the Transubstantiation we encounter the response to the offering, when the Love of God begins to shine upon bread and wine like the warmth of the sun shines on the earth, bringing the powers of growth and transformation.
  • In the Communion each individual can unite with the transformed bread and wine that now carry the power of Christ, even into our physical body and unconscious being. The new seed of life that can overcome death, now wants to grow and mature in and through every human being. By changing ourselves down to the very core of substance, and carrying the blessing of peace into our work, we can truly change the world.

The teaching of Christ lives in the Gospel.
His sacrifice on Golgotha works on in the Offering.
The deed of transforming death into life is evoked in the Transubstantiation.
The living Christ unites in the Communion with the individual and the community, as the potential to spiritualise life on earth.

When a human being speaks a prayer, it is like a star lighting up from the darkness of the earth. A human soul becomes visible for the heavenly world.
In the Act of Consecration of Man we pray, work and walk together with Christ.