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Last Annointing

This sacrament is there to bring a gift of strength and orientation to the one ready to pass through the gate of death into the life beyond. It is the sacrament of decision to connect with the One who Himself went through death to overcome it. He can guide the human soul and help on the new path that lies ahead.

Sacraments that prepare for death
It is possible to prepare for dying. The Sacrament of Consultation, the Communion of bread and wine, the Last Anointing - these three prepare and bring order into the soul. Christ can then be met as the Guide at the threshold of death.

The rituals after death
After the person has died, there are again three rituals that bring help and comfort. During the first three days after dying, the person, ideally, is in a quiet room where people can come and bring their loving prayers and farewell. This is called holding a wake, following which the short first part of the funeral service is held and the coffin is closed. Family and close friends are present.

Then (often after several days) the public funeral service is held. The body is given over to the earthly elements, while those present lift their loving memories as an offering of blessing to the living soul embarking on its path of life after death.

On a Saturday after the funeral, it is possible to dedicate an Act of Consecration of Man with its power of transubstantiation to the soul of the deceased. A special prayer is inserted at the end specifically for the one who has died. Christ becomes the guide and transforming light for the soul's journey through life after death to a new life. The Act of Consecration of Man has become the place where we all, including those who have died, are able to meet continually on common spiritual ground.