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The most significant threshold we can experience in our lifetime, other than birth and death, is around the age of fourteen, when we cross the threshold from childhood to youth. (In many traditional cultures, puberty is connected with initiation rituals leading directly from childhood to adulthood. The concept of a period of adolescence and youth development is a new cultural achievement.)

Every human being has come to earth with a purpose and a mission. Puberty is the time when the quest begins. The child was nurtured, led and guided. The youth learns that the first step into independence is to know how to nurture, lead and guide oneself as a spiritual being. The young person begins to feel that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand and that these are given for him to work on the growth and development of his own soul. For this we look towards Jesus Christ as the 'role model', the ideal, and as the source of strength and guidance.

Confirmation bestows a blessing on each individually. The service is always followed by the Act of Consecration of Man in which the confirmand receives communion for the first time.

The confirmation service is always celebrated during Eastertime.