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Becoming a Christian begins with the baptism. Every human soul lives in the heavenly world before birth. In the baptism ceremony, the child is received into the community of the Christ. A door is opened for the child that leads to the kingdom of Christ on earth; for since Christ's deed of death and resurrection, He can only be found in heaven if one has found Him first on earth.

In the baptism the child receives gifts for the path of life:

  • Two godparents, who will pray for this child and invest trust and faith in him, strengthening him for his own unique mission.
  • His name, or names, which will connect to the unspeakable spiritual name every human being carries as a potential for unfolding.
  • The consecrated substances of the earth - water, salt and ash - which are applied onto the forehead, chin and chest. They lay the seed of the transubstantiation of matter into the bodily nature of the child.
  • The seal of the Trinity, when three crosses are inscribed into the child's invisible body. This ensures the spirit-connection of the soul on its sojourn through life.

As adults, we continue to connect with our baptism and with our mission to 'be, grow and become,' when we draw the three crosses in the Act of Consecration of Man over forehead, chin and chest/p.

In The Christian Community, children are baptised until the age of puberty and confirmation.