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The Sacraments

Through the sacraments, God becomes visible in the earthly world. Sacraments are visible expressions of invisible grace.

There are countless smaller and greater stars when we look up into our night sky. The sun is the greatest star in the sky. The Christ descended from heaven like a sun and set down seven signs on earth - like planets around the sun - for humankind. It is through these that He offers to connect Himself with us continually on our path of life. The seven sacraments shine as signs of heaven on earth. They come from Christ Himself and have been renewed through Him in our time.

Light makes everything visible, but light itself is invisible. It is only through the resistance of the atmosphere, dust and objects that we can see light. If it comes into a prism, then even the full colours of the light become visible.

The Christ-light is also invisible for the normal eye. This spiritual light also needs to meet something substantial in the earthly world for it to be experienced. One of those opportunities is in the rituals celebrated at an altar. Then the working of the Christ-light becomes visible in the sevenfold celebration of the sacraments.

At significant biographical moments, mostly when a step into a new life begins, five of the sacraments are set. Two accompany the adult on the path of life as a continual source of strength and orientation.

The seven sacraments are:

The 'sun' among these is The Act of Consecration of Man. All the sacraments carry the same goal, namely, to connect the human being with Christ as an individual and in community. This connecting occurs in such a way that a blessing is received, an extra power for life is given. The sacraments bring the inner orientation for becoming truly human. They are the most direct help in our endeavour to become Christians, that is, bearers of Christ within us.

The seven sacraments are the life and source of true