The Christian Community of Pennsylvania 
Outside of Philadelphia in Devon, PA

Chapel of The Christian Community of PA

A Free Community for Religious Renewal

The Christian Community recognizes the Christian way to be a path of freedom. Fostering the freedom and responsibility of the individual is seen as a fundamental part of the Christ's message and deeds. All who come with an attitude of reverence and open-minded questioning will find the greatest measure of intellectual freedom.

The priests therefore never give prescriptive interpretations. Rather do individuals share their research and insights and there is space in this modern Christian theology for a new approach to the universal ideas of reincarnation and karma. There is also a recognition of the angelic hierarchies and their working and of the processes relating to life before birth and life after death. Christ is recognized as the Guide and Redeemer with Whom we all work in complete freedom.


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For more information about The Christian Community in Pennsylvania, Contact Rev. Nora Minassian.